Pre-trial and trial settlement of tax disputes.

You want to reduce the losses on tax disputes?

The earlier we start the problem resolution with tax disputes, the better is result. Only at a pre-judicial stage it is quite possible to exclude up to 50% of charges – the truth, for this purpose it is necessary to approach case with our professionalism, an ingenuity and effectiveness.

► Why we?

1. Specialization. Tax disputes are the main direction of our activities.
2. Benefit. Free provisional estimate of the act of tax inspection or claim and forming of the preliminary line of protection.

3. Guarantees. You pay only for result, but not for actions.

► What we offer?

1. Preparation of reasonable objections on acts of tax inspections or claim;

2. Participation in consideration of results of tax inspections;

3. Maintenance of additional tax control measures;
4. Preparation of claims to decisions by claim or results of consideration of materials of tax inspections;
5. Participation in consideration of claims;
6. The analysis of the decision of higher tax authority and forming of a preliminary line item for judicial appeal – it is free!

► What You receive?

 1. A partial or complete elimination of additional accruals at a pre-judicial stage of appeal. The wealth of experience and high professionalism allow us to give similar guarantees.
2. The strong base for creation of a line item for further judicial appeal of additional accruals following the results of tax inspections or claim. Correctly chosen and worked strategy – the key to success in court!

The pre-judicial stage of tax disputes is an important platform for manoeuvres and a basis of the further positive outcome of the case.

Take the first step to success, having provided to Your company professional support of us!

Questions of Your taxation became a subject of legal proceeding? Failure to act and hope for own forces extremely seldom salvage in situations, difficult from the legal point of view.

When case comes to court, really competent representative is necessary for Your business.

► Why we?

1. Competence. Legal proceedings with tax authorities – our main specialization.

2. Effectiveness.

3. Aiming at success. The most part of the fee is paid only with positive result.

4. Real assessment of the situation. The appeal to us, as a rule, results in positive result, but if You came to us too late – negative consequences seldom manage to be avoided. And we always fairly warn about it.

5. Benefit. Free primary analysis of the appealed decision and an assessment of prospects of judicial appeal.

► What we offer?

1. Free primary analysis of documents (act, decision).
2. Forming of strategy and tactics of conducting dispute.

3. Forming of a legal line item on a dispute.

4. Preparation of actions for declaration and other procedural documents.
5. Participation of our specialists in judicial sessions.
6. Complete maintenance of a dispute up to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
► What You receive?

1. Complex protection of interests of Your business in lawsuits with tax authorities. The thought-over approach to the solution of disputable situations in most cases leads to the conflict resolution, profitable to our clients.

2. The rallied team of experts, aimed at a victory. The team of the pro will do everything possible and still slightly from area unreal to achieve permission of a tax dispute, profitable to You.

3. Free collection from tax authorities of the expenses incurred on involvement of our specialists. Our qualified help will not cost to You not a penny, Your expenses will be compensated for the account of Your opponents in court.

Don't allow tax authorities to cause damage to Your business!

Our professional support will make Your provision in a dispute steady and will help to resolve a problem even at a judicial stage.




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