Maintenance of tax inspections – an effective method to reduce expenses till a minimum!

Whether it is known to you that generally tax inspections come to an end with additional pre-extra charges?

Our specialists know about it not by hearsay, providing services on accompaniment of tax inspection – is our outline.

Do you want to economize your money and reduce probability pre-extra charges and their size?

Apply to us!

►We offer our clients:

1. Continuous consulting support concerning terms, documents, calculations, the rights and obligations of the taxpayer and inspection bodies, appeal of the decision of tax authorities, the choice of tactics of behaviour when checking and to other questions;

2. Assessment of documentation provided in tax authorities;

3. The actual maintenance of check, including finding of our specialist in case of its carrying out;

4. Preventive measures on risk minimization. Making use of the experience, after 2-3 requirements about provision of documents we will be able from 90% probability to assume what risks will become a subject of additional accruals following the results of check and respectively to prepare in advance measures of counteraction and evidential base for contest of these additional pre-extra charges.

►What do our clients get?

1. Preparation of a management and the staff of the company to conducting check.

2. Development of tactics and the strategy of behaviour in case of tax audit.

3. Psychological tranquillity and moral comfort of heads of the company, all questions of interaction with checking will lie down on our professionals.
4. Exact instructions for accountants on preparation of documents and explanations for requirements of tax authorities.
5. An exception of a possibility of "leakages" in case of communication of inspectors with the staff of the company, during checks: 50% of information checking is obtained in informal conversations and interrogations.
6. Decrease or a complete elimination of additional accruals of the taxes based on an ambiguity of interpretations of the tax legislation.
7. Preparation of evidential base for further appeal of results of check already at a stage of conducting tax inspection.

Why we are – the best choice for accompaniment of tax inspection?

Do you want correctly organize the order of interaction with collaborators of tax service and minimize risks of pre-extra charges at tax inspection?

Apply for the help to us, because:

Nobody except us does not know how tax inspections are conducted, because in past our collaborators conducted them themselves.

With us tax inspection is conducted in maximum psychologically comfortable conditions.

We economize your means. Tax inspections without additional accruals practically do not happen, but we make use of all the experience for their minimization.

Ready to start fruitful collaboration with us?

Call by the phone number +99899-817-94-40 or leave a message on Telegram on +99890-956-52-46 and reach agreement about initial consultation by our collaborator!

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