Consulting in transactions of mergers and acquisitions

Our organization provides assistance in an assessment of tax consequences within transactions on an acquisition/selling of assets, company mergers and creation of cooperative enterprises. The service purpose – a customer support in case of transactions, since a phase of structuring the transaction and coordination with the partner according to the transaction, until its closing.

We will note that development of structure of the transaction without tax aspects, especially, if it is about participation in the transaction of foreign persons often leads to excessive finance costs and negative tax effects.

An integrated approach to structuring the transaction often gives the chance to consider these or that tax and consequence in law in transaction price or to compensate them at the expense of the safety mechanisms pledged in clauses to the contract for acquisition/sale of an asset in the shareholders' agreement; to create additional arguments when negotiating with the partner.

We take into consideration that one-time large deals, in case of recognition of the companies, always draw attention of tax authorities during the subsequent tax audits. With respect thereto, proposing these or those solutions, we verify them on the basis of our experience and the developing practice regarding the "margin of safety" sufficient for successful passing of such checks.

We offer complex spectrum of services at accomplishing transactions:

- pre-investment tax investigations;

- elaboration of tax structure acquisition/selling of assets;

- tax (calculation of tax loading on transaction);

- consulting regarding integration of assets - applicable to transactions on acquisition of assets (adaptation of asset to standards of group of customers);

- elaboration of tax stipulation to agreements about transference of rights on asset, preparation of text of corresponding agreements.


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