To pay less taxes - an offense, necessary - your obligation. Tax consultation to your business. The full range of services and professional approach based on knowledge of subtleties and a long experience of work.

The taxation - the main profitable component of the budget of the state and therefore always is under control of tax authorities. But, as in one of the most difficult spheres it is inherent multifigurativeness and complexity.

Contradictions in application of separate provisions of the legislation often cause unreasonable requirements of inspectors of taxes …

«TAX PLANNING SERVICES» Organization of tax consultants, LTD provides services by tax consulting in the following areas:

- consulting of undertakings and organizations (including non-residents and permanent establishments) of all spheres of economy also individuals;

- international taxation and transfer pricing;

- consulting in transactions of mergers and acquisitions.

Consulting and development of recommendations on specific questions:

- calculation and payment of taxes in budget;

- taxation of signed deals;

- use of tax incentives;

- complicated and unusual situations;

- criminal prosecution for tax crimes.

Development of optimal tax behaviour:

- mark of the existing accounting systems;

- development of the company's tax strategies;

- optimization of tax payments;

- forecasting of tax risks;

- tax planning;

- control of the accrual of taxes and obligatory payments in accordance with the company's financial obligations;

- assessment of the tax consequences of contracting;

- tax support transactions;

- revision and correction of accrued tax payments.

Representation of taxpayer interests:

- representation in tax relations;

- legal examination of normative and other acts of tax authorities during tax audits and other forms of tax control;

- pre-trial settlement of tax disputes;

- construction of the line of defence in court;

- control of execution of decisions of the economic court.

Management of taxpayer's business:

- management of tax account;

- tax reporting.


- consulting by account, management and other questions in finance-economic activity, also by execution of export-import and currency operations;

- assistance in recovering of debit receivable;

- independent inventory of inventory items and fixed assets.

Besides, our organization fulfils united activity with advocatory confirmations.

“TAX PLANNING SERVICES” OTC LTD – is consultation and decision the problems, connected with taxes and finances of Your business.


one-time - according to the request or the contract for subscriber’s consultation concerning one specific question or a dispositive fact;
flowing - on daily financial and economic activities;
project - on set of the actions directed to achievement of project implementation, transactions on merge and absorption etc.

Make the right decision at the right time – later, perhaps, on elimination of problems with the taxation you need much more money, time and nerves.

Tax consultation from us is your tranquillity to tax authorities.

Having addressed us clients receive:

- juridical well founded recommendation on application of regulations of the tax legislation;

- assessment of consequences of application of these regulations from the point of view of other industries of the right and convenience of business administration;
- help in the choice of the correct approach in matters of argument of application of the legislation on taxes and fees.

What do we offer?

1. Complex research and an assessment of a condition of the systems of tax accounting and internal control influencing forming of the amounts of the taxes and fees which are subject to forming sum of taxes and dues for the purposes of:
- acceptance of management decisions;
- preparation for tax inspection;
- decision makings concerning acquisition of assets;
- business restructuring.
2. An assessment on acquiescence to the legislation of the applied internal accounting procedures from the point of view of completeness and timeliness of tax payment.
3. Identification of tax risks and overpayments.

4. Identification of the hidden tax reserves implementation of which is possible through offsetting (return) of taxes.

► What do you receive?
1. The developed and motivated report on the allowed violations of the tax legislation, the revealed overpayments, shortcomings of the internal control systems having influence on completeness of calculation of taxes and fees.

2. Recommendations about acceptance of management decisions.

3. An opportunity to minimize tax risks before the forthcoming check.
4. An opportunity to reveal availability of the hidden tax reserves which implementation will allow filling up current assets of the enterprise.
5. Recommendations on removal of deficiency of the internal control systems which are directly not connected with calculation and tax payment, but involving tax effects.

Do you want to know EVERYTHING about your enterprise?
Weak points, correctness of charge of privileges and payment of taxes, mistakes in creation of documents?

► Why we?

1. Deep studying of problems. Our team provides an integrated approach to identification of tax risks and the analysis of the reasons of their origin.

2. Comprehensive approach. We approach questions of the analysis of financial and economic activities not only from the point of view of recognition of economic transactions, but also business essence of these transactions.

3. Confidentiality (the liability is provided in article 12 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "About tax consultation").

Do You want large financial sanctions did not concern you and go round tax inspections? Address us!

► 6 reasons to address us for tax consultation.

We have a number of the powerful benefits allowing us to perform services in tax consultation at the highest level:

1. We do not work on templates. We have an individual approach to each question.
2. Consulting by phone in our organization is admissible only in exceptional   cases. We know that perception of a task aurally can distort a situation essence, and we don't want to make such mistake.

3. Only high-class specialists are on our staff. Our employees are the certified tax consultants and, besides, constantly improve the skills.

4. We are not just tax consultants, we are tax business consultants. All our consultations assess a situation not only from the point of view of the taxation, but also contain the analysis of possible consequences, both from the point of view of other industries of the right, and from the point of view of convenience of business.
5. We help to manage the taxation of your business,
but not simply we advise.
6. Tax consultation from us is the surgery allowing to estimate in time own risks, to reveal defects and to correct minor and large problems before intervention of state bodies.


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