on services by tax consulting

Name of services

Quantity of msw* by the moment of payment

Service period


I. Consulting of  «CUSTOMER» by questions of calculation and payment of taxes and other obligatory payments, by account, management and other questions in finance-economic activity, also by execution of export-import and currency operations:




One-time consultation:

- of high complication,

- of medium complication,

- of low complication.


from 5

from 2

from 1




II. Organization, restoring and management of accounting:






Organization and restoring of accounting


from 50

for one finance year




Management of accounting



from 5


for month


III. Consulting of  «CUSTOMER» at interrelations with courts, law enforcement and controlling agencies regarding taxation



from 5




one time


* msw - minimum size of wages, arranged by the Republic of Uzbekistan by the moment of providing services.


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